join the dry wipe revolution

At its root the “butt spray” is an organic oil-based spray combined with organic essential oil and distilled water. The organic oils are saponified into soap and glycerin. Everything is natural and no bonding agents remain after saponifying (process of making soap). The end product is completely natural, organic, and non-organic chemical fee. This unique solution is the key to curing diaper rash and promoting healthy skin for your child.

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fun fact

The first wet wipe was invented 56 years ago under the name Wet-Nap and was quickly adopted by Colonel Sanders for use in his KFC restaurants as a hand wipe for greasy food. The wet wipe has evolved over the years from its thick paper predecessor, but it is still a moist chemical laden irritant for your child that remains on retailer shelves.  

are dry wipes easy to use?

Yes! You literally spray your baby's hiny with the butt spray, and then WIPE! Just like you would with a wet wipe, but you're adding the natural spray that will leave your baby's hiny super clean. 

protect your baby

With our proven “butt spray” that eliminates painful blistering red diaper rash permanently. No more crying and no more screams for your loved one. We break the cycle of persistent rash.  

more effective than wet wipes

The butt spray is made with organic ingredients that contain anti- microbial and anti-fungal propteries. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends soap over alcohol for removing fecal micro organisms.