Heal and Prevent diaper rash with our chemical free "butt spray".


1. Shake bottle

2. Spray 2-3 times directly onto the skin upon diaper removal. Watch the poo melt right off!

3. Wipe! Wipe dirty area with DRY diposable wipes or DRY resusable cloth wipes until fully clean.


The “butt spay” is based on a dry wipe system proven to reduce wetness. Wetness and baby wipe ingredients are the cause of rash and irritation. Reduce the wetness and introduce soothing organic ingredients and voilà, the rash is gone.   

the butt spray

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  • Soothe and heal your baby's hiny with out using harsh chemicals. The butt spray is a DRY wipe system. You can use reusable wipes, dry baby wipes, or simply toilet paper!

    Just SPRAY and then wipe! 

    For best results, use with each diaper change. 

    Change diaper promptly when soiled.