Our Story

Evolution of the “butt spray” is the result of sheer desperation.


Our daughter has extremely sensitive skin and experienced severe diaper rash from wet wipes for the first three months of her life.

The blistering ruby red rash raised from her skin was unreal.


Sound familiar?


Our brand-new baby screamed with every changing and we were helpless. We tried every product on the market to address the rash: diaper rash creams, baby powders,air drying etc.  


Our experience forced us to try a more holistic approach. We began to research every essential oil that would promote cleanliness combined with anti-fungal properties.


And so, the “butt spray” was born. We threw away our wet wipes and within a day of using the “butt spray” with DRY wipes the persistent rash that had plagued our family for months was gone.


COMPLETELY gone, it was a miracle.


For the first time we were able to provide our baby relief from diaper rash. We continued with the “butt spray” and the rash never came back. 


Since that time we have given countless family members and friends the “butt spray” as baby shower gifts and the result is always the same; no rash, a pleasant fragrance, and a superior clean.


The results were so good that people began telling us we should start selling the “butt spray” and share its benefits with the world.


Now we have, and its your turn to experience this beautiful product the “butt spray”.  

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"I just wanted something that would actually clean my baby's hiny without using harsh chemicals. It wasn't until I stopped using wet wipes along with this special spray when I actually started to see results."
- creator of the butt spray (momma)-